Dead space 1: Level 1 suit,Level 2 Suit,Level 3 suit,Level 4 suit, level 5 suit, And most importantly, The level 6 suit (Military suit) Dead space 2: Engineering suit,Elite engineering suit,Security suit,Advanced suit,Elite advanced suit,Vintage suit,Elite Vintage suit, Elite security suit, Riot security suit,(I'll finish the list of suits for dead space 2 later :P) Dead space 3: EVA suit,Elite suit,Legionary suit,Deep dig suit,Hostile environment suit (Probably spelled it wrong),and much more >:D

What this wiki is about:Edit

This is about Dead space suits, Dead space 1,Dead space 2,and Dead space 3. This gives info about Where the schematics are for suits, and how to unlock them! I hope this Gives a lot of Info.

What i am doing \|/ Hehehehe....Edit

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